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Missing too many calls?

Need more mobility in your home or business without the added expense of cellular?Want a 2-way radio built into your cordless phone for fast access to people even in remote areas?

Netconplus is an authorized reseller of EnGenius telecom products specifically designed for commercial and industrial use in demanding environments.

EnGenius DuraFon cordless products are the longest range and most durable products available, suitable for commercial and industrial uses.

EnGenius Solutions

Longest Range
Up to:
12 Floors in building penetration 250,000 sq. ft. in grocery, retail or Warehouse-type applications 3,000 acres on farms or ranches

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DuraFon 1X - 1 line System

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Ruggedized housing, shock resistant antenna, Double-locked battery
Ease of use
User-programmable PBX keys, intuitive menu selections, telephone, two-way radio Broadcast and intercom
Superior Sound Quality
Very high antenna sensitivity means calls link even if far from the base unit. 25 years of long range RF manufacturing experience

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DuraFon 4X - 4 lines System

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Low per user cost. Low installation cost. No monthly airtime fees. No monthly service fees.

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External Antenna

The Leader in Long Range Industrial Cordless EnGenius

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