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Custom Computers

Why get a custom computer?

Custom designs enable you to meet your specific computer requirements

  • Whether you require a basic computer to just read your email and surf the internet, or you require a powerful multi-processor graphics workstation, or a server, or anything in between, Netconplus can help you customize your computer to meet your specific requirements.

Reduce cost by getting only what you need

  • By analysing functions you will use your computer for, Netconplus can determine the appropriate motherboard, processor, audio, video and peripheral components your computer will require.

Custom tailor performance of components to make you more productive

  • Whether you need a dual monitor video card, the fastest processor, a RAID disk array to speed up file functions and protect from data loss, Netconplus Plus will identify what components will best meet your requirements to successfully do your job, to reduce user frustration and make you more productive.

Adds value to your computing investment

  • Increase the value of your computing investment by choosing quality components which last and can be reused in other computers or sold if they ever need to be upgraded. Increase the life of your computing investment by choosing components that are upgradeable as necessary with changes in future requirements, without having to replace your whole computer.

Puts you in control of how much (or little) you want to spend

  • By carefully customizing one can control how much is spent on a computer. Components widely vary in cost and performance, Netconplus can help you choose the right cost/performance mix to satisfy your needs, whether fuctional or aesthetic.

Adds a personalized touch to your computer and results in personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

  • Participation in the selection and customization process results in satisfaction in knowing what you will get, that the computer will be what you want and need. It also lets you personalize your computer aesthetically in different ways, whether it's choosing a particular case, or adding a see through panel, case lighting, etc.
Please contact us for solutions to your custom computer requirements.
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